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WxText is a Free Service brought to you by WeatherCall, America's premier severe weather notification service.

  • WxText works on any mobile phone
  • No special data plan; No need for a new phone.
  • If your mobile phone can receive text messages, you may signup for WxText.
  • WxText monitors the location you choose, not just your current location.

WxText Overview:

When the National Weather Service (NWS) issues a severe weather warning, they are trying to tell you that dangerous weather may impact your safety and may damage your property. If you are away from local TV or radio, these warnings frequently come and go without you being informed, putting you and your family in danger. Let WxText do that job FOR you. The process is easy.


  Step 1

Choose a location or route to be monitored. A virtual 5 mile box is created each time you click on a map. Give that box or series of boxes covering a commuting route, a name. WxText monitors this location 24/7. In this     example, you've named the location “My Home".

Step 2

When the NWS issues a tornado, severe thunderstorm or flash flood warning that impacts your chosen monitored area, you receive a text message for “My Home”. If your cell phone can access the web, the SMS text contains a link displaying a map of the warning.

Warning Text Message Example:

WxText Alert: Active SVR T-STORM WARNING for My Home until 3:45pm http://t.co.4GG6NJ6e

Step 3

You receive a text message when the NWS warning is no longer in effect.

Warning text message example:

WxText Alert: Expired SVR T-STORM WARNING for My Home

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